Please note: we have have filled our current openings, but because we spin out companies, we likely will have openings in the near future. Please feel free to apply to the following roles, and we will consider your application when the role re-opens.


The Madrona Venture Labs Analyst Position is an opportunity to get a front-row seat to the world of startup ideation and creation.  You’ll be researching markets and opportunities to explore, pitch, and evaluate. Working with our Partners and Managing Directors, you’ll also be key in the validation of ideas and predicting the next pivot for our ventures.


We are a startup Lab located in Seattle with funding from Madrona Venture Group and a half dozen other notable investors on the West Coast. We work on ideas of all kinds but are particularly focused on sectors where our team has experience: AI/ML, ecommerce, and cloud. We accelerate ideas in a few different ways: our Lab works on ideas and spins them out, we support EIR’s and the ideas we believe are a fit for the Lab, and we host existing early-stage startups through an accelerator program twice per year.


In this role, you'll conduct your own research as well as use surveys and interviews with potential customers to understand their psychology, behaviors and desires. You'll work with great team members who have a talent for design, data, engineering and marketing to help ship new ideas by employing careful listening, decision making, and leadership.


  • Develop in-depth sector analyses in a variety of fields, including current industry trends, developments and market players; help find the best verticals for business opportunities
  • Analyze start-ups and validate in-house business ideas with market research, voice of customer research, financial modeling, and develop validation plans for spinout teams
  • Work with spinout teams to assist in iterating on product and design concepts through product-market fit


  • Be able to find truth in data – crunch numbers and use statistics to inform business and investment decisions with objectivity.
  • Research the right questions – find clean data where others might not think to look
  • Communicate both in person and on the page with team members, industry experts, customers and venture capitalists
  • Organization and ability to multi-task—stay organized when you have several people handing you projects with different priorities
  • Willingness to learn on the fly and dive in—must be eager to roll up your sleeves on a small team, because sometimes doing customer interviews can’t wait
  • Self-motivated and determined: the startup world can be tough; you’ll need to have grit to keep on keepin’ on


  • Business/Finance education and 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Complete fluency in Excel and/or SQL, plus PowerPoint and/or Google Slides. Visualization software is also nice to have.
  • Financial modeling and investment valuation experience is a must
  • Pitchbook and/or Crunchbase database experience a plus
  • Entrepreneur early stage startup experience a plus
  • Programming/Development experience a plus

One more important note from our end: we recognize the dire lack of diversity in our industry, and we're not standing by. We actively seek to address it with our hiring and retention processes, as well as our office culture.