Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer


Please note: we have have filled our current openings, but because we spin out companies, we likely will have openings in the near future. Please feel free to apply to the following roles, and we will consider your application when the role re-opens.


Ready to be the key data scientist on a big idea with the support and backing of Madrona Venture Labs? The Data Scientist with Madrona Venture Labs (MVL) role implements product and technology ideas that we believe have the potential to be industry changing, $1B+ opportunities. The role also entails exploring new technologies and spaces as they relate to the ideas we explore.  You’ll help us generate the ideas and then build prototypes, POCs, alpha versions of products and technologies for some of our most promising opportunities.


We are a startup Lab located in Seattle with funding from Madrona Venture Group and a half dozen other notable investors on the West Coast. We work on ideas of all kinds but are particularly focused on sectors where our team has experience: AI/ML, ecommerce, cloud, etc. We accelerate ideas in a few different ways: our Lab works on ideas and spins them out, we support EIR’s and the ideas we believe are a fit for the Lab, and we host existing early-stage startups through an accelerator program twice per year.


We’re looking for a special type of creative and curious data scientist with a passion for cutting-edge startup ideas and innovative technology development.  Working in a small, close knit group of entrepreneurs, product designers, analysts, engineers and investors from a variety of backgrounds, you’ll be immersed in a constant flow of consumer and business company ideas in various stages of development.  You’ll participate in many steps of the process including ideation, and for those ideas that make the cut, developing/implementing analytics technologies and products that are ultimately handed-off to founding teams. Participation in this process will all be done through a critical eye towards big ideas that will change the world.


  • 7+ years professional experience in data science and machine-learning concepts and applications
  • Familiarity with modern solutions to computer vision applications
  • Familiarity with modern solutions to natural language processing applications
  • Experience applying machine learning solutions to either b2c or b2b commercial software products
  • Experience with python and open source machine learning tools (e.g. Pandas, Scikit, Keras, etc.)
  • Experience with data, data preparation, data wrangling, data querying and modeling
  • Creative mindset
  • Startup experience
  • A startup founder’s mindset, including a scrappy, can-do attitude, desire to wear ‘multiple hats’, exceptional communicator and team player
  • An ongoing fascination with the latest machine learning technology trends and ideas
  • An autodidact, self-starter

One more important note from our end: we recognize the dire lack of diversity in our industry, and we're not standing by. We actively seek to address it with our hiring and retention processes, as well as our office culture.