Senior Windows Engineer/Architect


Please note: we have have filled our current openings, but because we spin out companies, we likely will have openings in the near future. Please feel free to apply to the following roles, and we will consider your application when the role re-opens.


Interested in the opportunity to be a founding engineer on a huge opportunity, with the support and backing of Madrona Venture Labs?

Madrona Venture Labs is working on an ambitious new company, and we are building a world-class engineering team to help us drive our product vision to reality. It is an extraordinary and rare opportunity to join an exciting VC-track start-up in the B2B space in a market category that is experiencing hyper-growth.


This is the opportunity to be a founding engineer in a VC-track company that will be making an enormous impact. For this role, we are looking for a star engineer with deep expertise in Windows internals to join as a key technical contributor and/or technology implementation with Windows. As a founding engineer, you will have a front-row seat as we build a VC-backed company, from the initial seed investment to ultimate success.  


  • BS or equivalent in Computer Science or related field
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in software development using C++/C#
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience of working with Windows Internals
  • Excellent C++/C# design and coding skills
  • Proficient oral and written communications skills
  • Collaborates well in a team environment and motivated to learn new technologies
  • Strong drive to contribute and achieve results
  • Outstanding character and capability to contribute positively to company culture


  • Recent experience working with Windows API’s esp. the accessibility API’s is highly preferred
  • Deep knowledge of operating systems and programming frameworks - Windows, ASP.NET
  • Deep understanding of Windows internals & integration API’s
  • Ability to debug across various environments to quickly identify and resolve issues spanning multiple layers of the technology stack
  • Experience in debugging, isolating and repairing software defects
  • Experience with dev lifecycle tools like Git etc. and strategies for managing multiple projects
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Azure and other cloud environments
  • Tolerance for ambiguity and the ability to make progress in the face of it
  • Understanding and experience in building microservices
  • Understanding in software design patterns and practices
  • Understanding and experience in unit testing
  • Working experience in Agile, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment


A highly open, diverse & fun work environment with attractive compensation tied to the upside and other benefits and perks