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Ready to work on a big idea with the support and backing of Madrona Venture Labs?

The Founder-in-Residence, CEO opportunity with our team at Madrona Venture Labs (MVL) is a 3-12 month opportunity designed to match successful entrepreneurs with business ideas that we believe have the potential to be industry changing, $1B+ opportunities or dig into potential areas/markets to investigate ideas.  

At any given time, we have several different themes or market trends we’re interested in investing in--both with team support and financial backing. You’d lead the effort to research the market, develop a thesis on the area(s) of opportunity and narrow in on a fundable/big idea. As the CEO, you’d then fundraise and build your startup team.  

Please check out our Stories to learn more about the types of companies we build.

Generally, the attributes and skills that are are important to us include:

  • An intense curiosity to problem solve in an environment of uncertainty
  • A test-and-learn mindset as the idea continues to evolve
  • Extensive experience leading teams, working in a startup or mentoring startups
  • Deep domain expertise in a thematic area of focus for MVL. Examples include: machine learning, artificial intelligence, commerce, travel, marketing, and fintech
  • Experience and excitement about raising funding and familiarity working with VC’s
  • Experience leading a startup or leadership experience (with P&L responsibility) at a Fortune 100 company
  • Familiarity with forecasting/business models
  • Excitement to build/support a diverse and talented team
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