Founder in Residence, CTO

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Ready to work on a big idea with the support and backing of Madrona Venture Labs?

The Founder-in-Residence, CTO opportunity with our team at Madrona Venture Labs (MVL) is a 3-12 month opportunity designed to match successful entrepreneurs with business ideas that we believe have the potential to be industry changing, $1B+ opportunities or dig into potential areas/markets to investigate ideas.  

At any given time, we have several different themes or market trends we’re interested in investing in--both with team support and financial backing. You help research the market, develop a thesis on the area(s) of opportunity and narrow in on a fundable/big idea. As the CTO, you’d then build the product and your startup team.  

Please check out our Stories to learn more about the types of companies we build.

Some of your most differentiated characteristics are:

  • Strategic Vision:  You can see the big, risky opportunity, but can  focus on what’s most important to success, making the necessary trade offs that propel forward momentum  and achievement of goals.
  • Drive:  You put yourself on the line with your team as you drive forward with relentless energy, creative problem solving, and resilience in the face of obstacles.  
  • Customer Focused:  You focus maniacally on a target customer, constantly iterating and  responding  to feedback and thinking  ahead to serve customers in ways they haven’t thought to ask.
  • Integrity:  You consistently act with a strong set of human values that earns trust from those around you, maintaining  the highest standards for treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Learning:  You are intensely curious, seeking and incorporating new information to better inform your strategic vision and decisions, recognizing mistakes, always remaining open to the best new ideas, and adjusting quickly.
  • Leadership:  You know how to select and lead people to create a world-class team and inspire and lead them to success.
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