MVL is an enterprise AI venture studio

We build companies with founders from day one

Your village

The first steps of the journey are often the hardest. We bring together our team of former founders, a group of successful operators, and Madrona’s decades of investment experience to help you every step of the way – providing advantages in recruiting the founding team, closing initial customers, and raising capital. Read our manifesto.

Founder success

We have partnered with founders to co-create and invest in over 30 companies which have collectively raised $270m+ and hold a combined value of $700m+.

Three ways to partner


It starts with an idea, sometimes yours, sometimes ours. We partner as co-builders to validate, build early traction, and secure funding.

Magnify partnered with MVL pre-formation to validate their post-sales orchestration concept, secure their first pilots, and get support on their $6m Seed raise.


You have a small team, an early product, and customer momentum and we help close the gaps to reach a funding milestone.

Muir partnered with MVL to evolve their data fusion solution to address environmental risk in the supply chain, recruit early team members, and prepare for venture funding.


We make a small, often first, pre-seed investment to help you add to the founding team and generate product and customer traction.

Storia won MVL's Launchable: Foundation Models pitch event resulting in a $250k investment and advisory support to advance their vision for AI-powered video production.


Let’s start a company together

We are with our founders from day one, for the long run.

Start a company with us