For founders, by founders

Our principles

Founders are our peers. As founders ourselves, we have deep empathy and respect for their journey. Through it all - even in the darkest, most difficult moments - we always have their backs.

We break barriers. We bet on founders who may not “look the part” because we believe winning teams come from all walks of life and we share insider knowledge, that only founders who have been in the trenches know, to give founders every shortcut and advantage. 

That someone is me. Being a startup founder requires an uncommon amount of hustle and grit. Like them, we work with a strong sense of urgency and do whatever it takes, no matter how small, to get the job done.

Always Learning. We are in continuous pursuit of improvement and we do that by creating an environment where people feel safe to take risks, make mistakes, and learn faster and smarter than ever before.

Be in your zone. To achieve our highest potential, we believe it's critical to spend the majority of our time in our individual zones of genius, where we are most authentic, motivated, and do our best work.

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We are with our founders from day one, for the long run.

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