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The team at Madrona Venture Labs is ready to help you bring your talents to creating a truly venture-scale company. From validation, to building traction, through customer and product development and finally to securing institutional investment, MVL members are ready to put their decades of expertise and experience to work for you.

Phase 1

Rapid validation

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how time consuming it can be to validate a business idea  and also how important it is to get that right. MVL can connect you with a network of hundreds of subject matter experts, world class enterprises, established investors and founders at Madrona's portfolio of venture-backed companies. This process of delivering curated expertise and high-level introductions helps founders to quickly test ideas, prototype, and fail fast until a long list of ideas narrows into one compelling opportunity.

Building a venture-scale idea isn't guesswork. Our in-house experts will help you prove your solution through rigorous acquisition testing (CAC-LTV), customer surveys, focus groups, market sizing, competitive analysis, and domain expert interviews. You are mentored and coached by leaders within Madrona and MVL who help build the fundamentals of your business — recruiting founding team, initial product-market fit, and creating a robust business model.

“Building my startup in partnership with MVL provided me the ability to quickly test the idea through prototyping and once it was clear that there was a passionate customer demand for a personalized home shopping platform, they provided access to top-tier talent and co-investors accelerating the formation of the company, hiring the initial team and ensuring successful seed funding."

— Mia Lewin, Founder & CEO of Spruce Up

Phase 2

Accelerating traction

We believe in our founders and we are ready to back that with investment. Having established initial product-market fit, we will form and fund your company with its first investment and we work with founders to attract and recruit the core team of people that will build your initial product and acquire your first customers.

The operating team at MVL brings direct experience from dozens of companies built on everything from machine learning to ecommerce, travel, finance, logistics, and more.  Whether you are an engineering founder needing to build up your sales chops, or a product founder looking for technology support, MVL can connect you with the right people. We help you define and develop the initial product through roadmaps and agile product sprints, strategize market entry and growth, deep dive on financial modeling, identify and execute contracts with pilot customers, and help you hire the best team to take your startup to the next level.

"I feel so lucky to have someone say ‘I’ve got your back.’ For advice, for feedback, for support, for connections, for introductions… for really anything I need for what we’re facing as startup challenges."

— Shauna Causey, Founder & CEO Weekdays

Phase 3

Fastest path to fundraise

By phase 3, your company has put together the team, built initial product and delivered initial customer traction and you're ready to raise seed funding.

We accelerate your fundraising by guiding you through our network of many of the most respected VCs and investors in the country. Friendly introductions to the right investors early in the process give you an advantage in pitching your idea and getting productive feedback. And, by being your advocate, we give you maximum leverage and optionality in choosing the right partner for your company. In many cases Madrona co-invests and your company benefits from all the additional resources and support -- business development, marketing, recruiting, and community connection to some of the most successful founders in the PNW --  from being a Madrona portfolio company.

"Positive, vulnerable authentic people rule the day. They’re telling you that you’re not crazy... and you’re not alone.”

— Dave Cotter, Founder & CEO MessageYes (acquired by Nordstrom)

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