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To help you get started, we've compiled a variety of datasets and APIs from which to gain inspiration. Many of these datasets have already been cleaned and normalized, so they are ready to be explored using AI tools. The use of these datasets is often intended for research purposes only. If you want to use the data in your startup, be sure to read any associated license agreements to understand if there are commercial restrictions. Also note that you are not restricted to basing your idea on the data sets below. You may discover other open source data sets that inspire your creativity or you may bring your own proprietary data sets if you wish.

And if there’s a data set you think we should add to the list, please send it to us.

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  1. Categories of data
  2. Data sources: most well-known
  3. Political-related APIs
  4. Hidden gems

Data categories

1. Election Data:   - Description: Information related to elections, including election results, voter turnout, candidate information, and election-related statistics.   - Sources: Election commissions, government agencies, and election observation organizations.

2. Public Opinion Data:   - Description: Data derived from surveys and polls on public attitudes, political preferences, and opinions on various political issues.   - Sources: Polling organizations, research institutions, and media outlets.

3. Demographic Data:   - Description: Information on the demographic characteristics of populations, such as age, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, relevant to political analysis.   - Sources: Census data, government statistics, and demographic research organizations.

4. Campaign Finance Data:   - Description: Data on political campaign contributions, expenditures, and funding sources.   - Sources: Election commissions, campaign finance disclosure agencies, and non-profit organizations.

5. Legislative Data:   - Description: Information on legislative activities, bills, voting records, and legislative procedures.   - Sources: Government websites, legislative databases, and non-profit organizations.

6. Governance and Political Institutions Data:   - Description: Data on political systems, governmental structures, and the functioning of political institutions.   - Sources: Government agencies, research institutions, and intergovernmental organizations.

7. Political Party Data:   - Description: Information on political parties, party platforms, membership, and party structures.   - Sources: Party websites, election commissions, and research organizations.

8. Media and Political Communication Data:   - Description: Data related to political media coverage, political advertisements, and communication strategies.   - Sources: Media monitoring organizations, media outlets, and research institutions.

9. Conflict and Political Violence Data:   - Description: Data on political conflicts, terrorism, and violent events.   - Sources: Conflict databases, research organizations, and government agencies.

10. Human Rights and Governance Indicators:    - Description: Data on human rights, rule of law, and governance indicators relevant to political analysis.    - Sources: Human rights organizations, research institutions, and international organizations.

11. International Relations and Diplomacy Data:    - Description: Data on diplomatic relations, treaties, international agreements, and foreign policy.    - Sources: International organizations, diplomatic archives, and research institutions.

12. Social Media and Online Political Data:    - Description: Data derived from social media platforms and online political interactions.    - Sources: Social media APIs, data mining, and research organizations.

Data sources: most well-known

1. Pew Research Center:   Description: Provides nonpartisan data, analysis, and polling on political attitudes, public opinion, and social trends.       - Website:

2. United States Census Bureau:   Description: Offers demographic data, voter participation statistics, and population characteristics relevant to political analysis.       - Website:

3. The World Bank - World Development Indicators:   Description: Provides political and economic data for countries worldwide, including governance indicators and political stability measures.       - Website:

4. European Social Survey (ESS):   Description: Offers cross-national survey data on social and political attitudes across Europe.       - Website:

5. Gallup Polls:   Description: Conducts public opinion polls on political topics in the United States and globally.       - Website:

6. Harvard Dataverse:   Description: A repository that hosts datasets on various topics, including politics and social sciences.       - Website:

7.   Description: Provides data on campaign contributions, lobbying, and money in politics in the United States.       - Website:

8. Voteview:   Description: Offers data on congressional voting behavior and ideology in the United States.       - Website:

9. PoliInformatics:   Description: A data repository that collects and presents various political datasets for research and analysis.       - Website:

10. U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC):    Description: Official website providing data on campaign finance and election contributions in the United States.        - Website:

11. FiveThirtyEight:    Description: Offers data-driven news and analysis on politics, elections, and public policy.        - Website:

12. World Values Survey (WVS):    Description: Conducts surveys on political and social values across the world.        - Website:

13. Politico:    Description: Provides political news, analysis, and data on U.S. and global politics.        - Website:

14. Kaiser Family Foundation:    Description: Offers data on healthcare policy and public opinion.        - Website:

15. Open Data for Africa:    Description: Provides open data on various topics, including political and economic indicators for African countries.        - Website:

16. United Nations Statistics Division:    Description: Provides global data on various topics, including political and economic indicators.        - Website:

17. Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT):    Description: Monitors news and events worldwide, including political events and conflicts.        - Website:

18. European Union Open Data Portal:    Description: Offers open data from the European Union institutions and agencies.        - Website:

19. Brookings Institution:    Description: A think tank providing research and analysis on political and economic issues.        - Website:

20. Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG):    Description: Analyzes data related to human rights abuses and political violence.        - Website:

21. International IDEA - Voter Turnout:    Description: Provides data on voter turnout in elections worldwide.        - Website:

22. Center for Responsive Politics:    Description: Offers data on campaign finance and lobbying in the United States.        - Website:

23. World Bank - Governance Indicators:    Description: Provides data on governance indicators for countries worldwide.        - Website:

24. ProPublica:    Description: A nonprofit newsroom providing investigative journalism on political and social issues.        - Website:

25. The Guardian Data Blog:    Description: Offers data-driven news and analysis on political and social issues.        - Website:

26. Global Terrorism Database (GTD):    Description: Provides data on terrorist incidents and activities worldwide.        - Website:

27.  Description: The official U.S. government website for open data and datasets.        - Website:

28. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):    Description: Provides data on labor market and economic indicators in the United States.        - Website:

29. United Nations:    Description: Offers data on various topics, including political, economic, and social indicators.        - Website:

30. Kaggle Datasets:    Description: A platform hosting datasets on various topics, including political data.        - Website:

31. World Justice Project:    Description: Provides data on the rule of law, governance, and access to justice worldwide.        - Website:

32. National Democratic Institute (NDI):    Description: Offers data and reports on democratic governance, elections, and political participation.        - Website:

33. Transparency International:    Description: Provides data on corruption perception and anti-corruption efforts globally.        - Website:

34. Federal Election Commission of India:    Description: Official election commission website of India, providing data on Indian elections and political parties.        - Website:

35. African Elections Database:    Description: A database of election results and political parties in African countries.        - Website:

36. International Crisis Group:    Description: Offers data and analysis on political conflicts and crises worldwide.        - Website:

37. Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA):    Description: Provides data on democratic governance, electoral systems, and political parties globally.        - Website:

38. Freedom House:    Description: Provides data and reports on political rights, civil liberties, and democracy worldwide.        - Website:

39. Global Peace Index:    Description: Ranks countries based on their peacefulness and provides data on global conflict and security.        - Website:

40. Australian Electoral Commission:    Description: Official election commission website of Australia, providing data on Australian elections and parties.        - Website:

41. Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI):    Description: Conducts research on political institutions and governance.   - Website:

42. Arab Barometer:    Description: Provides data on public opinion and attitudes in the Arab world, including political issues.    - Website:

43. International Republican Institute (IRI):    Description: Offers data and reports on political development and democratic governance.  - Website:

44. Latinobarómetro:    Description: Provides data on public opinion and attitudes in Latin America, including political issues.    - Website:

45. Asia Foundation - Survey of the Afghan People:    Description: Conducts an annual survey on the opinions and attitudes of the Afghan people.   - Website:

46. Canadian Election Study (CES):    Description: Conducts surveys on Canadian elections and political behavior.        - Website:

47. Asian Barometer:    Description: Conducts surveys on public opinion and attitudes in Asia, including political topics.        - Website:

48. The Electoral Commission (United Kingdom):    Description: Official election commission website of the United Kingdom, providing data on UK elections and parties.  - Website:

49. Council of Europe - Venice Commission:    Description: Offers data and opinions on constitutional law and electoral processes in Europe.   - Website:

50. UNESCO - International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA):    Description: Provides data and resources on democratic governance and electoral processes.   - Website:

51. EveryPolitician: - Website:

52. GovTrack:  - Website:

53. Election Commission Websites:    - Description: Official election commission websites of different countries often provide election results, voter turnout data, and candidate information.    - Example: U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) -

Political-related APIs

1. ProPublica Congress API:   - Data Offered: Provides access to data on the U.S. Congress, including information on legislators, bills, voting records, and campaign finance.   - API Documentation:

2. API:   - Data Offered: Offers data on campaign finance, lobbying, and political contributions in the United States.   - API Documentation:

3. Google Civic Information API:   - Data Offered: Provides information on U.S. political representatives, polling places, and election data.   - API Documentation:

4. Vote Smart API:   - Data Offered: Offers comprehensive data on politicians, including biographical information, voting records, and issue positions.   - API Documentation:

5. Politico API:   - Data Offered: Provides access to Politico's data on U.S. elections, campaigns, and political news.   - API Documentation:

6. Election Commission of India (ECI) API:   - Data Offered: Offers data on elections in India, including election results and candidate information.   - API Documentation:

7. Google Trends API:   - Data Offered: Provides data on search trends related to political topics and issues.   - API Documentation:

8. Sunlight Congress API:   - Data Offered: Provides information on the U.S. Congress, including legislators, bills, and voting records.   - API Documentation:

9. Twitter API:   - Data Offered: Offers access to tweets and social media content related to political events and discussions.   - API Documentation:

10. Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) API:    - Data Offered: Provides a vast amount of data on global political events and media coverage.    - API Documentation:

Hidden gems

1. ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research):   - Description: A vast data repository focusing on social science research, including political data. It contains datasets on elections, political behavior, public opinion, and more. - Website:

2. CSES (Comparative Study of Electoral Systems):   - Description: An international collaborative program providing election data and political behavior surveys from around the world. - Website:

3. Polity IV Project:   - Description: Provides data on political regimes and regime changes worldwide, offering insights into political stability and democracy.-  Website:

4. Replication Data for: Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy:   - Description: A dataset used for academic research on the economic origins of political systems and their transitions. - Website:

5. MIT Election Data and Science Lab:   - Description: An initiative that offers data resources and tools for studying elections and political behavior. -  Website:

6. V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy):   - Description: Provides a large dataset on democracy and governance indicators across countries and time periods. - Website:

7. Election Passport:   - Description: A comprehensive electoral database offering election results and information from around the world - Website:

8. VoteWorld:   - Description: A dataset containing roll-call votes from national legislative bodies worldwide. - Website:

9. Political TV Ad Archive:   - Description: An archive of political ads aired on U.S. television, allowing researchers to analyze messaging and campaign strategies. - Website:

10. Democratic Electoral Systems Around the World (DESAW):    - Description: Provides data on electoral systems and their effects on political outcomes in democratic countries. - Website:

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