Founders unite

April 13, 2020 #foundersunite

A couple of months before the Coronavirus outbreak, we set out to learn from aspiring, current and former founders what they need(ed) most in their startup journey. What we heard then is of great value now more than ever, and we’re doubling-down on the mission to support founders. 

Working in collaboration with our adviser, Kristen Hamilton, we surveyed, interviewed, and held focus groups with more than 100 current and former founders. We had real conversations on camera with thirteen experienced Seattle founders, who combined have raised hundreds of millions in funding and created billions in value. They shared their experiences and the realities of starting a company as well as the importance of other founders in their journey. 

From 11th-hour term sheet withdrawals to significant company layoffs, these founders described some of the challenges they experienced and what they learned, the resources that made the difference in their trajectory, and the advice and people they needed by their side during rocky times. 

Today, these founders, along with the entire MVL team, are offering our experience and connections to help our fellow founders and entrepreneurs. We’re offering to donate our time to aid startup founders of all kinds via AMAs, connections and more. 

The founder-operators on our team have been through two downturns (2000, 2008). In ‘normal’ times, working with MVL is like having a secret laboratory of sorts with all the tools you need to research, test, explore and prove your idea on the way to raising a funding round. In these unusual times, we’re pulling upon our resources to connect the founder community in Seattle to do all we can to get through this together.

On location at the home of Matt Williams, founder/CEO Founders Unite spot made by Seattle production company Mysterious Building, founded by Craig Downing and Robinson Devor

In order of appearance: Michael Schutzler, FreeShop; Kristen Hamilton, Koru and Onvia; Rand Fishkin, Moz and SparkToro; Jane Park, Julep; Amy Nelson, The Riveter; Eve Vashkus, Domicile; Steve Singh, Concur; Dave Cotter, MessageYes; Jay Bartot, Vhoto and Medify; Shauna Causey, Weekdays; Justin Beals, Strike Graph; Matt Williams,; Mike Fridgen, Decide.   

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