By Jimmy Bales  • Mar 6, 2024

MVL's Jason Flateboe – supporting founders through design

Jason Flateboe joined MVL in 2017. He serves as a partner and the lead designer responsible for steering product and user experience, working alongside founders as a trusted co-builder.

Journey to MVL

Before joining MVL, Jason amassed over two decades of startup experience as a founding product designer, including his work for Madrona-backed startups Farecast (acquired by Microsoft) and Decide (acquired by eBay). His expansive portfolio includes his role as the lead designer for Bing Travel at Microsoft and his tenure running a design team at eBay focused on improving the seller experience. Jason joined MVL because he wanted to jump back into the startup world and work across various challenging products and domains.

Area of expertise

Jason brings valuable experience to early-stage startups. He excels in designing products from concept to maturity, particularly in ML/AI, having designed enterprise and consumer applications. Jason contributes to early brand development, product ideation, sprints, wireframing, and prototyping through validation. Having Jason on your early team greatly increases your chances of building a better product and being on a path to product-market fit.

How he partners with founders

Jason works alongside founders to validate their product vision as fast as possible. As a hands-on designer and builder, he supports founders through the entire lifecycle, from idea concept to successful fundraising. Jason has designed over a dozen MVL companies that have raised a seed round. A great example is Pendulum, a 2021 MVL spinout focused on narrative-based intelligence. Jason worked with founders Mark Listes and Sam Clark from the beginning of their journey, designing the brand, early product UX, website, and pitch deck.   

When he’s not in the office…

Outside of work, Jason enjoys time spent with his wife and three kids. They are an outdoorsy family, often camping or exploring national parks. Jason is also an enthusiastic runner, hiker, craftsman, and addicted to the NYTimes Games app.

“Working with Jason was amazing. He has a very clear understanding of needs of early stage startups which was super helpful. Jason also has this amazing ability to take an abstract concept that is not fully fleshed out and somehow convert it into exactly what we were imagining.”

— Yatharth Gupta, Founder & CEO, Codified

Jason's spinouts

Muir AI
Strike Graph
Style Genome
Tektonic AI

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