By Jimmy Bales  •  May 16, 2024

MVL's Jay Bartot – a symphony of software, startups and strategy

Jay Bartot joined MVL in 2016. At MVL, Jay leverages his extensive experience in software engineering and machine learning to develop innovative, AI-driven software solutions. His expertise extends beyond technical execution, encompassing a spectrum of strategic elements of company creation and building.

Journey to MVL

Jay's immersion into computing began in the late '80s when he was swept up in the personal computer revolution, learning to compose and play music on his Apple Macintosh in college. This ultimately sparked his interest in software development, signal processing, and computer graphics. He quickly discovered the joy and power of building and distributing his own software to his friends and family, not to mention being paid to do what he loved. During the internet boom of the mid-90s, Jay joined his first startup, where he was introduced to the value of data, machine learning, and venture capital. Over the next 15 years, Jay co-founded several data-centric machine-learning startups in various verticals, such as e-commerce, online advertising, travel, medical informatics, and consumer video applications. These startups were later acquired by major companies such as Nielsen/NetRatings, Microsoft, Alliance Health Networks, and Hulu.

Area of expertise

Jay contributes to many facets of startup creation, from opportunity discovery to solution development, including technical vision, team-building, and fundraising. Jay's unique experience with technology, product development, and venture investing makes him an indispensable resource for any team developing new technology-driven startups. His ability to blend market opportunity insights with sophisticated technical solutions helps position startups on an optimal path to rapid growth, market relevance, and defensibility.

Like many technology entrepreneurs, over the last 18 months, Jay has been deeply immersed in Generative AI technology, building experimental products, and testing the capabilities as well as limitations of the new AI frontier. Having seen and worked with slowly evolving AI and machine learning technologies over 25 years, his early experimentation with LLMs (large language models) quickly led to the realization and excitement that difficult problems he grappled with for many years (e.g., robust natural language understanding) are now virtually solved. The essence of his enthusiasm for the advances in capabilities Generate AI technology brings to entrepreneurs and startups was captured when he was recently overheard saying, “I mean, holy shit - these things are fucking awesome!”

How he partners with founders

Jay’s collaboration with founders is deeply hands-on. As a longtime operator, he excels at rolling up his sleeves, building prototypes and proofs of concepts, and establishing and articulating technical strategy and direction for the company. He frequently steps into the role of acting CTO, working alongside the founder/CEO and the rest of the MVL team to help lay the foundation of great companies. His involvement doesn’t stop at technology development; he actively engages in elements of product design, functionality scoping, fundraising, and recruiting, helping ensure MVL companies take off from a solid foundation.

When he’s not in the office…

Outside of the tech world, Jay is an avid musician and craftsman. His hobbies include glassblowing, woodworking, and 3D printing—creative outlets that reflect his innovative spirit. Additionally, as a pet lover, Jay enjoys spending quality time with his animals. Jay’s optimal work environment consists of his laptop, a comfy couch or char, a wifi connection, a cup of coffee, and a companion cat or dog to keep him company. As long as these conditions are met, Jay can be happy and productive anywhere!

Jay's spinouts

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